Budget Publications

  • Annual Budget Appropriation Bills

    Annual Budget Appropriation Bills

    The Annual Appropriation Bill also known as the Annual Budget, is the budget as prepared and approved by the State Executive Council and presented to the State House of Assembly for deliberation and approval. Year 2021 Appropriation Bill Minute of The Consultative Forum 2022 Appropriation Bill

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  • Citizen’s Budget:

    Citizen’s Budget:

    The Citizen’s Budget is a short explanation of the approved budget. It breaks down the budget to showcase major plans to be executed for the year for easy consumption by the citizens. Y2023 Citizens’ Budget Citizens Accountability Report CAR Lagos State Citizen’s Budget Y2021 Version 1 Lagos State Citizen’s Budget Y2021 Version 2

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    The States Fiscal Transparency, Accountability and Sustainability (SFTAS) scheme was set up to strengthen the fiscal transparency, accountability, and sustainability of budgetary process for all participating States. Initiated by the Federal government and supported by the World Bank, it’s goal is to provide grants to States that have complied with the annual eligibility criteria to the extent of their compliance.

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  • Y2021 Budget Consultative Forum

    Y2021 Budget Consultative Forum

    The Budget Consultative Forum is a platform that facilitates citizen’s participation and inclusion in the budget preparation process. The forum is held at the beginning of the budget preparation process. It comprises representatives from the five administrative divisions of the state, civil society, trade bodies, corporate organisations respectively and the general public. During the forum, an account of the budget performance of the preceding year is rendered and inputs for the upcoming budget year are discussed and admitted.

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  • Abridged Budgets

    Abridged Budgets

    The Abridged Budget is a high-level summary of the approved budget.

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  • Annual (Budget) Appropriation Laws

    Annual (Budget) Appropriation Laws

    The Annual Appropriation Law is the Annual Budget (Appropriation Bill) passed by the State House of Assembly, and signed into law by Mr. Governor.

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  • Quarterly Budget Performance Reviews

    Quarterly Budget Performance Reviews

    The Quarterly Budget Performance Review is designed to evaluate the implementation of the budget to verify if the budget is performing according to plan. It highlights areas of optimal performance and facilitates prompt detection of divergence or variations if any, so actions can be taken to stir it back to the course.

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