Budgets Department

The Budget Department (BD) is primarily responsible for planning, formulating, analysing and monitoring Revenues and Expenditures of MDAs.

This is achieved through the provision of comprehensive budgeting, performance measure reporting and specialised research and statistical activities. This is facilitated through the use of a dedicated database system, the Oracle Public Sector Budgeting (PSB) Module.

Budget monitoring, analysis and evaluation process is handled by the Budget Department. It comprises request and receipt of monthly budget performance reports from the MDAs to enable the Department to analyse revenue collections and expenditure incurred against the budget estimates (profiled budgets).


Each sector is headed by a management level officer (Grade level 13 and above)



To efficiently and effectively drive the resource allocation and utilisation of the State Government through a comprehensive budget that is citizen friendly using modern technology.


To plan, formulate, analyse and monitor revenues and expenditures of MDAs.