Bureau of Statistics Core Functions

The Bureau is tasked with the following objectives:

  • Research and conduct statistical surveys on economic activities in the State.
  • Promote ICT driven statistical programmes and projects.
  • Keep and maintain a comprehensive data bank.
  • Assist formulation of effective policies and decisions through reliable and timely data.
  • Provide advisory role to the State and Local Government on statistical matters.
  • Promote ICT driven data management with appropriate statistical infrastructures.
  • Disseminate and present statistical findings in a reader-friendly and understandable format.
  • Coordinate statistical activities in the State and fulfill all functions relating to statistics entrusted by the Government.
  • Generate and produce on a regular basis, statistical data/indicators for impact assessment of Government programmes and projects on the citizenry.
  • Liaise with the Three Tiers of Government (Federal, State and Local Government) and Multilateral Organisations on issues pertaining to statistics, research, development, publications and dissemination of statistical data.


For LBS to achieve the aforementioned objectives, the following is expected from the Planning Units (made up of Planners and Statisticians) who are stationed in all MDAs:

  • Accurately populated LBS’ templates for preliminary statistical Data.
  • Study of the Mandates of respective MDAs and generation of other indicators not included in the template from LBS.
  • Submission of excel templates with inbuilt indicators to the LBS department as required.
  • Ensuring templates created must contain variables classified in Demographics (gender, location, age group, etc.).