Think-cell Power-Point and Excel Add-on


(Date: 7 March, 2022)


Think-cell has a simple user-interface. It helps to avoid digging through several toolbars, menu, and property panes. think-cell smoothly integrates into PowerPoint and brings you 40+ chart types, dozens of data-driven visual enhancements like waterfall, scatter/bubble, gantt etc and other unique features, which you can find listed on their website.


The Economic Intelligence Unit of the Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget is a key resource institution that empowers the Lagos State Government to formulate, implement and review policies that are informed by evidence, research and data. The bulk of that requires periodic presentations to stakeholders with visualizations that makes data easy to understand-this is why we choose think-cell.


Think-cell uses only native PowerPoint charts and shapes for its output. Charts created with the software are shared with pure PowerPoint users and remains data-driven and changeable. And should you ever decide to stop using think-cell, all your slides and charts will remain available and changeable as if you had created them with standard PowerPoint.


It is a powerful charting and layout software that automates your PowerPoint work, improving slide creation efficiency and quality. Within minutes you get well-laid-out and great-looking slides.


You can search thick-cell online resources like the user manual which covers all features of think-cell and all known usage questions. In addition, the knowledge base covers all common technical issues. The recommended second step is therefore to search these online resources for answers to your question.


You can download a free-trial version at here