Economic Planning Department’s Core Functions

The department has the following responsibilities:

  • Development and review of the State Development/Implementation Plans, periodically.
  • Coordination and management of the planning process of MDAs in response to policy outcomes.
  • Alignment of the policies of MDAs with the overarching Policy Thrust of the State Government.
  • Institutionalization and implementation of policy and strategy reforms – MTEF (MTBF, MTPS, and MTFF).
  • Implementation of bilateral/multilateral partnership programmes, with the likes of World Bank, DFID, etc.
  • Management and coordination of the global and regional policy agenda.
  • Identification and monitoring of the implementation strategy of the State’s policies and plans (long & medium term plans).
  • Development of policies that facilitate the State Government’s efforts to deliver goods & services to the public and improve the welfare of the citizenry.
  • Management and coordination of the activities of Economic Intelligence Unit in research work, gathering of economic data for focal outlook and update.


The overall activities of the Department focus primarily on the following:

  • Coordination of the Economic Intelligence Unit.
  • Capacity building activities for MTSS & MTEF for budget preparation of the State.
  • Implementation of Donor Funded Projects and Multilateral Agencies Programmes.
  • Implementation and Monitoring of Development Plan and other Planning documents of the State.
  • Collaborating with relevant agencies on implementation of SDG’s.
  • Coordinating the relationship with national planning commission and DAWN (Development Agenda for western Nigeria commission).
  • Impact assessment of policies of the State (programmers and projects).