The mandate of MEPB is as charged in the Assignment of Ministerial Responsibility, Lagos State Government Gazette, No18, Vol.32 of 1st, July, 1999. This upgraded the then Bureau to full ministerial status which placed planning and popular participation at the centre stage of governance and development.

In summary MEPB’s core mandate is as follows:

  • Coordination of Economic Planning Matters (including socio-economic research and intelligence and State Development Plans);
  • Preparation of Annual Budget and supplementary budgets of the State Government and processing of Annual Budget of Parastatals Organizations;
  • Advising MDAs on budget planning, procedure and monitoring and accountability;
  • Advising State Government on general finance and budget matters including revenue generation;
  • Research; monitoring and evaluation of government programmes and projects;
  • Collection, collation, analysis, production and dissemination of statistical data;
  • Coordination of international development funds.

Establishing and sustaining a policy driven and plan-led system requires maintaining and improving the linkages between all levels and making sure the various Departments of the Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget are well aligned to a policy driven and plan-led system that ensures institutional support mechanisms between the levels; harmonisation of Planning and Budget; harmonisation of Planning, budget and Monitoring and Evaluation; harmonisation of Planning and Statistics and data provision; harmonisation of Planning and budget with sourcing and directing Donor Support; harmonisation of Planning with Human Resources and Capacity.

To be the primary agency of government that facilitates efficient and effective mobilization, planning, allocation and utilization of resources for socio-economic transformation of Lagos State.

Ensuring continuous and dynamic socio-economic policies through prudent and equitable resource management in Lagos State.