Monitoring and Evaluation Department

The Monitoring and Evaluation Department (MED) is one of the core Departments in MEPB. The Department was formerly known as the “Central Project Coordinating Department (CPCD)”.

However, due to present reforms in the service which culminated in an EXCO Resolution in 2009, the department was redesignated as the “Monitoring and Evaluation Department (MED),” with a view to enabling it focus on its primary assignment of Co-ordination, Monitoring and Evaluation of Programmes/Projects & Strategies initiated by MDAs, as contained in the Policy Documents, and to specifically ensure that there is value for goods and services rendered to the State Government and Citizenry.

In addition, on October 18, 2017, the Department received EXCO approval on the Institutionalisation of State-wide Monitoring & Evaluation Policy with the following objectives:

  • Implementation of State-wide M & E Policy.
  • Evaluation of key public projects and programmes.
  • Coordination and review of MDAs Performance Management Reports (PMRs).
  • Pre-Payment Certification of Capital Projects / Procurement with a minimum value of ₦500,000 and above.
  • Undertaking of Special Projects Monitoring Assignments based on Governor’s directive.
  • Compilation of “Lessons Learnt” from Project Inspections for future Planning and Budgeting Purposes.
  • Evolution of General Strategies for Overall Improvement of Project Management in the State.
  • Impact Assessment of Government Projects and Programmes.
  • Standardization of Processes and Procedures used to monitor and evaluate socio-economic initiatives.
  • Strengthening of linkages between evaluation, policy-making, planning and budgeting.
  • Development of a common language and conceptual base for M&E in the Government.
  • Improvement of the quality of M&E undertaken in public Institutions.
  • Evaluation of outputs and outcomes on Government Policies, Programmes & Strategies in the Short and Medium terms.
  • Facilitation of the utilisation of reliable, timely and relevant information for the development of a social policy and social programme initiatives.



To be World Class Specialists that set standards on tracking of Government Programmes and Projects to ensure value for money.


Ensuring effective, efficient, relevant and sustainable delivery of Government Programmes and Projects.