Lagos Resilience

Lagos state is faced with numerous changes in its economic and environmental landscape ranging from climate change, population growth, intense migration, rapid urbanization etc. The Lagos Resilience Strategy is a testament of the administration’s commitment to improve the quality of life of Lagos residents. The strategy is based on a shared vision towards a stronger and more resilient city that is able to adapt to the demands of the 21st century and beyond.

The Lagos State Resilience Office (LASRO) was inaugurated in April, 2019, based on a partnership between the State Government and the Rockefeller Foundation via the 100 Resilient Cities (100RC) programme. The office is tasked with developing a City Resilience Strategy, as a framework geared towards strengthening the capacity of individuals, Communities, Businesses, Institutions and Systems within the State to survive, adapt and grow in the face of all forms of stresses and shocks.

The objective is to clearly define these challenges and develop an integrated approach that addresses them in a way that leaves the city safer, more inclusive, more resilient, and more sustainable. While activating city resilience, the physical infrastructure, social networks, the strength of the economy as well as the governance structures have to work together to identify, prevent, and respond to vulnerabilities in a timely and effective manner.

Resilience Lens

The resilience lens is a diagnostic and decision-making tool that is used to evaluate and prioritise options, make decisions and trade-offs about initiative design, and ensure maximum resilience benefits in identified initiatives.

  • Approach the risks and vulnerabilities of Lagos in an integrated and comprehensive way.
  • Consider impacts of multiple shocks and stresses in Lagos Have short, medium, and long-term direct and indirect benefits for Lagos and its residents.
  • Incorporate the relevant qualities of resilience.
  • Aim for equitable outcomes among all socio-economic groups in Lagos.
  • Recognise and leverage the capacity and abilities of different stakeholders.
  • Have transformational potential beyond the boundaries of Lagos.

Full Resiliency strategy here:

To be the primary agency of government that facilitates efficient and effective mobilization, planning, allocation and utilization of resources for socio-economic transformation of Lagos State.

Ensuring continuous and dynamic socio-economic policies through prudent and equitable resource management in Lagos State.