Departments and Units

The Lagos state Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget comprises 7 departments and 4 units;

  • Economic Planning Department
  • Budget Department
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Department
  • Lagos Bureau of Statistics
  • Development Partnership Department
  • Finance and Administration Department
  • Accounts Department
  • Procurement Unit
  • Planning Unit
  • ICT Unit
  • Public Relations Unit

Of these 7 departments, 5 are directly responsible for resource management. They are;

  1. Economic Planning Department: The Economic Planning Department is charged with the responsibility of providing advisory services to fuel the state’s economic growth and development. This department is also known as the Government’s “Think Tank” read more
  2. Budget Department: The mission of the Budget Department is to plan, formulate, analyse and monitor Revenues expenditures of MDAs. This is achieved through the provision of comprehensive budgeting, performance measure reporting and specialised research and statistical activities. This is facilitated through the use of a dedicated database system, the Oracle Public Sector Budgeting (PSB) Module. read more
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation Department: The Department was formerly known as the “Central Projects Co-ordinating Department”. However, due to present reforms in the service which culminated to an EXCO Resolution in 2009, the department was re-designated as the “Monitoring and Evaluation Department (MED),” with a view to enabling it focus on its primary assignment of Co-ordination, Monitoring, Evaluation of Programmes/Projects and Strategies initiated by MDAs, as contained in the policy documents and to specifically ensure that value is secured for whatever goods and services rendered to the State Government. read more
  4. Lagos Bureau of Statistics: The Bureau of Statistics is in charge of coordinating statistical activities in the state and advising the State Government on policies, methods, and regulations relating to the development of statistics in the state. read more
  5. Development Partnership Department: The department is charged with the responsibility of coordinating the activities of all Development Partners assisting the State one way or the other. read more


To be the primary agency of government that facilitates efficient and effective mobilization, planning, allocation and utilization of resources for socio-economic transformation of Lagos State.

Ensuring continuous and dynamic socio-economic policies through prudent and equitable resource management in Lagos State.